John B. Andelin

John B. Andelin is a self-taught painter, sculptor and digital artist specializing in realistic figurative works. He started with wood carvings at age 15 and moved on to wood sculptures several years later. His passion for sculpting very quickly turned to marble works. John prefers to sculpt in marble because of the challenges it presents and for its evocative qualities.

John and his wife Cindy are the proud parents of seven children and twelve grandchildren. Foremost a family man, John is also a practicing and board certified pathologist. With time and accomplishments John has been able to focus increasingly on his art. His training in science, and particularly his knowledge of the human form, has had a profound influence on his artistic career. John Andelin believes in a disciplined approach to creating beautiful art. He combines precision methodology with an artist’s touch to create his inspiring works.

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Marble sculpture is becoming a lost art. Inspiration and intense focus are required to build a masterpiece in stone. John B. Andelin will entertain requests for custom works by commission, but due to the nature of how demanding marble sculpting can be, usually only very select projects are approved.

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